Army Reserve Helps Renovate Two Homes in Perrine, Fla

In Florida, home renovation isn’t just done by contractors—the 758th Engineer Company is taking a hand as well. During their Innovative Readiness Training exercise in Perrine, Florida during the month of June, they paired with Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade to renovate the houses of two local low-income families.

Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together characterizes itself as “a national nonprofit organization that assists low-income homeowners, particularly those who are elderly, veterans, and/or disabled, in renovating homes to make them more livable and accessible.”

Renovation Work Gains Attention of Miami Dolphins

The 758th is part of Florida’s army reserve and they chose to pair with Rebuilding Together in this endeavor so that, according to 1st Lt. Johnny Walker, “Our soldiers . . . [could] perform their specific skill set while also outreaching to our community.” He went on, “Projects like this progress the image of the Army Reserve as a whole by showing that we care about the community and that we can both benefit by helping each other.” The project gained so much attention that three members of the Miami Dolphins lent a hand during the outset of the renovation.

Homes Brought Up To Code

The two homes that were renovated belonged to lifelong friends Ruby Grant and Mary Hill who are 101 and 99 years old respectively. They have lived in their homes since construction in the 1940s. The 758th brought the homes up to Florida building codes, added wheelchair ramp entrances, updated the sewer system, repainted both the exteriors and interiors, and completely replaced the bathrooms along with all their fixtures.

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