Historical Homes Require A Special Touch During Renovation

The great thing about older homes can be their historical value, their unique personality, and their traditional design. However, older homes often come with a lot of problems or need upgraded as technology and styles change. When these types of homes are renovated, it is the interior designer’s challenge to maintain its original charm while making it livable and functional for its inhabitants.

Maintaining The Home’s Original Spirit

One Call Services, an Albuquerque, NM based remodeling agency, often works on historical homes. Recently, they added a mother-in-law suite and expanded a bathroom on a historically valuable property. Braxton Haze, owner of One Call Services, said, “Our priority was to maintain the historical spirit of the home.” This task is easier said than done.

Updating Old Fixtures

One problem older homes have are outdated or deteriorating fixtures and appliances. On this property, Haze’s crew added 100 square feet to the bathroom, installed a custom shower, and updated the faucet and shower head to improve energy efficiency. The mother-in-law suite was a separate 600 square foot addition which presented a challenge as the team. They wanted to preserve this historical feel and so worked to construct the new building according to the style of the main house. Haze explained, “A home addition and remodel should be cohesive with the original structure, so the new project doesn’t look like an afterthought.”

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Source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1319302



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