Prevent Burglary During Home Renovation

The next time you’re thinking about doing some home improvement, you might consider looking into your home security options. Break-ins are a real danger, but you don’t have to invest in a fancy alarm system to make your home more secure. Brett Welland, owner of King Key Locksmiths, suggested a couple ideas for homeowners interested in making their homes more secure against burglars.


Install Floodlights

First, keep in mind that homes under construction attract attention. If you are doing an intensive home renovation that involves tearing down exterior walls, keep in mind that thieves might see this as an open invitation to wander through your home. To prevent this from happening, install floodlights that illuminate your yard and the area under construction all through the night. And ask neighbors to keep an eye on your house if you have to be gone during the day.


Add Keyed Locks To Windows

If you replace doors or windows, Welland said to remember that some “insurance companies are requiring insured homes to have deadlocks and locks on all doors and windows.” These locks should be utilized whether you’re at home or away day and night because, interestingly enough, “26 percent of break-ins occur while residents are at home, day or night.” If you decide to add keyed locks to your windows, you can have them keyed to match your house key so you don’t need a bunch of extra keys to carry around.


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One thought on “Prevent Burglary During Home Renovation

  1. It might also be a good idea to have a security camera installed while your home is undergoing renovations. We chose Protectio1 to install our cameras and have been pleased every since! They have over 400 different camera options available; amazing!

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