Vinyl Siding: Exterior Design’s Most Popular Design Decision

Think vinyl siding is boring, old-fashioned, and cheap-looking? You couldn’t be more wrong. Once seen as a drab and dingy type of exterior design, it’s now one of America’s most popular cladding materials. Modern technology has made it a versatile, stylish material for home exteriors. Vinyl siding is so popular, the U.S. Census Bureau said it “appear[s] on nearly one third of all new homes built in 2012, more than any other cladding materials.”

Around Since The 50’s And Still Kicking

Introduced in the 1950s with a very few colors available, vinyl siding today comes in 350 vinyl siding colors that “have been certified for color retention” according to the Vinyl Siding Institute. Plus, it has a wide variety of complementary trim and accessories. Higher end vinyl can be created to be nearly unrecognizable from wood clapboard, cedar shake shingles, and other materials.

Used To Restore Historical Homes

Recenly, HGTV shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition have made a point of using vinyl siding for their homes because of its affordability and its versatility. Buildings being restored by historical societies are also often fitted up with their own coat of vinyl siding because “of the wide selection of period colors, architectural details, and low-maintenance benefits.”

Lasts 30 Years, Low Maintenance

In fact, vinyl siding is so hardy it can last up to 30 years virtually maintenance-free. It never needs repainted and can be spray-cleaned or deep-cleaned with soap and water. Mother Nature has tried the siding with her own tests: Hurricane Sandy on the east coast of the U.S. proved ineffective against the siding and it has actually been tested to withstand winds up to 200 mph. It has also been used to cover houses in tornado-stricken areas such as Joplin, MO which was hit by a particularly nasty tornado.

Used By Former Designer of Home Makeover: Home Edition

Kim Lewis, the architectural designer of Kim Lewis Designs and formerly the lead designer of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, said, “We built seven houses in seven days [in Joplin] using vinyl siding exteriors. At first I was skeptical, but we were able to bring forward character-driven design on each of the home’s exteriors with vibrant colors and architectural elements.”

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