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Home Based Office Spaces

With advances in technology and single parent households on the rise, working from home has become the preference of a considerable number of people, especially when children are a part of the landscape. Typically, couples depend on two incomes to maintain the level of lifestyle they desire and with the high cost of daycare, this can effectively negate the income of one of the parents. This is where having the ability to work from home can help, although most people who do so complain that they never truly get to leave the office behind. A possible solution to that could be a detached office space, which is reportedly becoming a trend these days with homeowners.

Detached offices can be built to accommodate each homeowner’s unique needs and afford them the space and mental setting in order to work at their particular job. For office space within the home where square footage is limited, many homeowners are turning to pocket offices, typically, half the size of a regular office, these spaces allow the homeowner to pay bills, budget expenses and handle multiple household affairs and then simply close the door and walk away.


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Source: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/05/01/3586106/making-home-work-design-keeps.html



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