Welcome Summer, Without The Heat

The heat of summer is beginning to replace the crispness of spring. And while this warmth means you’ll likely be spending more time outside, it also means you’ll want a clean, cool atmosphere to come back to. If your house is still hibernating in the midst of winter hues, materials, and textures, you may find your house suffocating rather than relaxing. That’s why Melissa Rayworth, an interior design writer for the Associated Press, suggests giving your interiors a little renovation to keep them comfortable in the coming months.

Don’t Be Literal With Summer

First of all, Rayworth spoke with designer Betsy Burnham who said homeowners should “not be literal with summer.” This means you ought to avoid decorating with sea shells, fishing poles, or life preservers. Instead, pick a color or several shades of a color that says “summer” to you. Maybe focus on a few shades of blue that remind you of the ocean or the greens of a leafy forest, then use these colors as accents throughout your house.

Think Casual

Next, think of what else symbolizes summer. You might pictures shorts, flip flops, canvas totes, etc. In essence, summer is casual. To create a casual atmosphere in your home, Brian Flynn, founder of decordemon.com, suggested that you “juxtapose super-relaxed elements such as slipcovers or bedding made from washed linen with super-tailored elements such as tailored tartan or pinstripe accents. The result is preppy, but still casual.”


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Source: http://www.philly.com/philly/home/Ask_a_Designer_Summer_can_inspire_decor_all_year.html


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