How To Interpret Interior Designer Acronyms

When you hire an interior designer, you might be bewildered by the string of letters following his or her name. You would assume, and rightly, that these likely indicate some type of certification or degree the designer has earned, but beyond that you likely wouldn’t know what those letters signified. Wonder and worry no more. The following is an interpretation of the most common interior designer designations.

NCDIQ – National Council for Interior Design Qualification

This council is self-described as “the global leader in establishing interior design standards of competence.” Interior designers must pass a 2-day examination to earn this title. This enables them to be licensed interior designers in all 50 states.

ASID – American Society of Interior Designers.

This acronym indicates the designer is a member of the society. Membership requires a certain standard of education and some number of years of experience. Designers pay a fee yearly to maintain their membership.

Allied ASID

These interior designers have completed some level of education in interior design coursework but have not accumulated the required number of years of experience or level of education to qualify for full membership.

While a list of designers who have these qualifications is a good place to start looking for a design contractor, keep in mind that such certifications do not guarantee their style will complement yours or that they have a natural talent in the field. Kris Kolar, an interior designer and vice president of merchandising and design for Clive Daniel Home in Naples, said, membership in the aforementioned organizations “is only one way to demonstrate design qualifications. A designer’s talent doesn’t necessarily come from their professional credentials or the initials behind their name.”

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