Massachusetts Habitat for Humanity Looking for Applicants

The non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity is famous for its goal of providing good housing for low-income families who might not be able to afford good housing for themselves. In Massachusetts, the Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity group has renovated 10 homes in the last 20 years and they’re looking to do another one in the coming year.

Selection Process is Underway

The selection process for who will live in the renovated home will be tough. Board President Paul Austin said, “There’s so many people who deserve a home.” In order to be eligible, applicants need to meet four prerequisites: “a need for shelter, a sufficient income, be willing to put in 500 hours of ‘sweat equity’ and have at least a year of residency in the Northern Berkshire area.”

Selected Family Must Have Means of Income

The selected family must have some means of earning money because they will be in charge of paying off the home’s mortgage (though the mortgage will be interest-free) and be able to pay for taxes and utilities. The group likes to give preference to families with children because having a quality home can make such a big difference in the success rates of the kids.

Volunteers Needed

One challenging aspect of the project is they are dependent on volunteers for labor. Austin said they would “accept volunteers of all skill levels and can teach them how to help renovate homes.” People interested in getting involved can also donate equipment and money.

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